agroninja beefie3d™

The stressless cattle weighing

Monitor the growth of your cattle with our revolutionary weighing and herd management system

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How does it work?

Four easy steps which will change the way you are weighing your cattle forever


Connect the 3D camera to your android phone with the cable included in the package and start the application.

Install and connect


Capture a sideview video from 3 meters of the relaxed cattle and hold it tight until the capturing is finished. Make sure there are no obsticles in between.

Capturing tips


Select breed type and gender for an accurate weight calculation and type the eartag to identify the cattle. You can also add notes to a measurement.

See details


See and save the weighing results. All data will be syncronized with the agroninja hub™ farm management system or can be exported to xls.

Weighing results

Meet agroninja beefie3d™

agroninja beefie3d™ is a digital scale for measuring cattle weights running on android smartphones.


agroninja beefie3d™ is an innovation for cattle breeders and holders. Here are a few technical things to know!


agroninja beefie3d™ runs on Android smartphones, however there are specific models and OS versions where the 3d camera works perfectly. We recommend Android 11 and HiSilicon and Qualcomm chipsets. Please check your phone's specifications or contact our customer service if you want to be sure your smartphone is compatible with agroninja beefie3d™ .


Download agroninja beefie3d™ app from the Google Play Store, search for "beefie 3d" and install it on your device. When the install is complete, start the app. You will be asked to enter your email address and password, then just connect your camera with the USB cable to start measurements.


the weight calculated by agroninja beefie3d™ is 95% accurate to the real live weight, however the app excludes current feeding, excreta, possible mud, pile, embryos or any other environmental influencing factors (like hot or cold weather) of the gross (scaling) weight.

Breed types

Use agroninja beefie 3d on Aberdeen Angus (Black or Red), Blonde d’ Aquitaine
Charolais, Limousin, Holstein Friesian, Hereford, Simmental, Nelore, and crosses of these above in any ratio. If your breed type is not supported, please contact our customer service.

Monitoring daily weight gain

You can easily monitor your herd's ADG with beefie 3d

Make stressless cattle weighings with agroninja beefie3d™
Connect the app with our cloud based agroninja hub™ herd management system
Login to agroninja hub™ and see all the weight gains and fattening trends from birth to sale

More than just weighings

Order agroninja beefie3d™ and you get full access to agroninja hub™ herd management system to record all your data

People are talking about us

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    Beth Newhart, Dairy Reporter
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    Ferenc Fridinger, Agriculture Consultant
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    Bruno Teixeria, Brazil

Plans and pricing

Select your plan to start stressless cattle weighing with agroninja beefie3d™

  • beefie3D lite™

    cattle weighing with limited functionality

    beefie3D plus™

    cattle weighing with full functionality and farm management software

    beefie3D pro™

    cattle weighing with full functionality and farm management software

  • What is inside the box

  • Intel 3D depth Camera

  • USB cable

  • License

    License valid for a lifetime

    Licence valid for one year ( EUR 200 annualy, first year included in price above )

    Licence valid for one year ( EUR 300 annualy, first year included in price above )

  • Application features

  • Number of weighing

    30 / month



  • Breed types

    One breed type

    All breed types

    All breed types

  • Register your cattle

  • Saving results

  • Connect to agroninja hub

  • Export measurements

  • Whatever function

  • Farm management

  • Herd management

  • Record weighing data

  • Weight goals

  • Weight reports

  • Breeding records

  • Healthcare records

  • Nutrition records

  • Support

  • Self-serve knowledge base

  • Email support

  • Access education videos

  • Customized support as you go on

  • Webinars

Meet our team

The mission of agroninja is to deliver easy-to-use,
cost-effective digital solutions for the problems of agribusiness.

Tamás Bodnár

Managing director

Tamás is keeping our organization in good mood and shape. He is responsible for the operative management of agroninja.

Gergely Boromisza

head of agroninja dairysg

Gergely is an experienced sales executive, spent more than 15 years in business. He is responsible for agroninja dairysg product

Ferenc Fridinger


Ferenc is a breeder, an agriculture consultant and has a great sense for optimizing flows, providing innovative solutions for cattle farmers.

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