The new generation of Beefie is already available to users

Agroninja has introduced new funcionality in the beefie mobile application for weighing cattle. The innovation makes the process even easier and faster in just a few steps.

The original revolution

A few years ago the Agroninja team introduced a revolutionary innovation in cattle weighing: a process that can be done quickly and efficiently without disturbing the animal’s tranquility. With agroninja beefie™ cattle can be weighed from a safe distance without bothering the animal. The 40 second process can be done inside the barn or on the grazing field, without moving the cattle. It also reduces costs and paperwork.

Since then there has been a lot of feedback from farmers, and the development team had listened to them to improve the solution.

New hardware with 3D camera and AI

 The new generation Beefie solution has arrived, and cattle weighing procedure never has been as easy as now. The developers upgraded Beefie’s hardware and replaced the rangefinder with a 3D camera. It means that the whole solution just got much smarter, because the 3D pictures contain much more valuable data than the traditional ones. In addition to determining the weight of an animal, a wealth of other information can be obtained about that particular cattle using the new AI technology of the app.

The new solution will be slightly more expensive than the current one, but it will provide so much more data that it will be well worth the investment for farmers.

Based on your requests 

All our new developements are based on feedback from our customers. The new Beeefie is more user friendly and much easier to use.

With the renewed Beefie you can take quality pictures that help identify individual body parts more accurately, and thus also correctly determine the current condition of the animal. In the future we may extract even more additional data on cattle that has not been possible so far.

Plug and play

While the original application could work only with some predefined breeds and mature animals, the new Beefie can be used with any breed and any age group – even calves!

There has been a growing demand for calf measurement among cattle keepers, as there was no system on the market so far that has been able to measure calves accurately. An important feature of the new Beefie with a 3D camera is that it works well for calves as well. Thanks to the development, cattle keepers will also be able to have accurate data on semi-annual selection calves in the future with the renewed app.

Follow the trends of your herd

The new Beefie is also able to connect with Agroninja’s HUB herd management system. It means that the whole solution provides not only weight as data, but also information about the stock, showing the most important trends on charts. This way you can immediately notice if the stock is moving the right direction, or there are some errors to be corrected..

Even easier to use

The principles of data capturing did not change. You still need a side view image of a cattle. You should keep 1,5 – 3,5 meters distance and stand as perpendicular to the animal as possible and keep your phone straight. But instead of photos, the new app captures a short video, to scan the full body of the cattle and determine its weight with 95% accuracy.

After the video has been taken, the parameters of the cattle, such as breed type, age, sex and condition, must be given – as in the previous version. However in the new generation beefie agroninja’s aim was to create a plug and play version, to facilitate and quicken the farmer’s weighing process. Record a 8mp video of the cattle (fully body needs to be visible), provide the breed type and the sex to get the weight of your cattle. Developers say this could be a big help in many countries where farmers don’t have the exact dates of birth of the animals.

The completed, uploaded, more accurate images are then transferred to a herd management system, that significantly simplifies the everyday life of farmers. Details will be available in another blog post soon.

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