The linking that everyone benefits from

Originally launched as a startup, Agroninja already has a number of useful developments that make the everyday life of beef cattle farmers easier, smoother and more professional. Their latest novelty is a “marriage” that benefits everyone.

The Beefie mobile application, which enables stress-free measurement of cattle, has been renewed. The new generation beefie operates with a 3D camera and works with AI technology. It gives the possibility for collect more data on cattle, extend the list of breed types and age groups and gives an user friendly solution.

Thanks to various smart and precision solutions, a lot of data is generated by a farm today. In order to benefit from this data, user-friendly software is needed, that are handy also for non-IT savvy farmers.

Since its inception, the Agroninja team has been working to create applications that farmers can easily use in their daily routine. Based on the feedback and their own experience, they have now decided to link their two important applications, helping cattle keepers as well.

The good news for farmers using Agroninja solutions is that this revamped Beefie is now connected to the HUB herd management system. The cloud based software, which was introduced last year, can record all major events and parameters related to cattle, from the birth and growth of a calf to its sale. The software can also generate various statistics and reports using the recorded data and helps not only keep herd records but also supports planning.


Easier to keep track and adjust the plans

 The connection may increase even the efficiency of beef fattening. In the decision support program, the farmer can even set whether he wants to fatten angus cattle to 650 kg in 12 months. And the HUB sends regular feedback on whether the cattle are doing well, or just below or above the plan.

 But you can also make these settings by breedtype and categorize the data in a number of ways. You can even request a fattening diary for the entire herd, but it is also suitable for tracking daily weight gain. Since calves can now be measured with the new Beefie app, we also gain birth and weaning weight, which can be a great help in evaluating a cow. Separation and slaughter weights can also be retrieved from the system, and by comparing these, accurate information on the efficiency of cattle breeding can be deduced.

 From the HUB livestock management software, farmers may get very useful statements, diagrams and analyzes at the touch of a button, which helps them to make decisions and correct any mistakes.


The basic version of HUB is available to anyone free of charge after registration. Premium features are available for a fee. Agoninja released a premium plan called Plus, which includes great new features like Breeding and Performance Reports, and other special reports on groups and individuals. The additional services include information on the fattening performance of cattle, the average daily gain of the group or individual, and viewing underperforming and overperforming animals based on fattening goals. But it is also possible to keep track of breeding events.


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